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The Best Year of My Life (in Pictures)

This past year of life has been just crazy. This coming season 4 of Ice Pilots has documented it and will start airing here in Canada on October 25th!! I got big plans for this blog and starting September 3rd, I’m going to be starting my “next year”. But before I explain I would like to do a quick recap of the highlights of the last year starting last Summer.

Ice Pilots was nominated for the Gemini awards and I flew down to Toronto and attended the award banquet. I was lucky enough to take Kate Eaton as my date and I even dressed up in a suit lol. We sat with the series Executive Producer David Gullason, who is the main reason we have a TV show. We didn’t win the big one, but we did go home with two! I have more pics of trashing hotel rooms with Michael Hicks, but I leave those alone lol

Right when I got back to the hangar we started shooting the CBC TV show “Arctic Air”. Now that was a real blast. Getting meet the whole crew and get to see behind the scenes of what it takes to make a real drama show. I became friends with almost every crew member, on screen crew and off screen crew! There where some crazy after parties and I highly enjoy working with everyone when they come to Yellowknife.

A random cool thing happened when Reggie Leach and his son Jamie Leach came to visit us in the hangar. Reggie won the Stanley Cup with the Flyers during the Broadstreet Bullies era (My favorite time in Hockey!… I know I know) and his son Jamie won the Cup with Mario and the boys in the early 1990’s. Meeting a father son team that were fans of the show and both had cup wins and they let me wear their rings!!! That was easily a true highlight.

Even got into the Halloween spirt and dressed up as Kermit the frog, Kenny dressed up as Kermit’s nephew Robin (that’s a real muppet!… Google it haha)

Our Annually Christmas For Misfits 4 poster. We have this party in Hay River for all us guys that get kicked out of normal x-mas parties lol!! I will release the #5 poster this November for this years party!

Well we finished working on Season 1 of Arctic Air, now a hollywood type premier party with all the stars and crew. Here is the YK crew Jay, Pablo and myself. We had the best time ever at the after party (pics to crazy to post)

Here is my Tweet to celebrate Ice Pilots NWT going back on the Air in the USA on the Weather Channel, did I mention I love the weather Channel! AMERICA!!!

Here is a soot of me in the back of a Military Herc. This is an Ice Pilots thing so I cant say much, but what I can say is EPIC!

We worked with the Military lots this year, here is a shot of of Hangar and the PPCLI Paratroopers getting there gear on!

Oh Ya I did my first acting job, I’m a natural at fighting out side the gold range. For more info check out

Pond Hockey this year was AWESOME!! the boys/gals in Hay River sure can throw a Hockey Tourny!!! Here is our team the “Buffalo Pond Stars” lol

Here is my team for the Frostbite 45. Ya thats right we did a snowshoe marathon(More on season 4… sorry)

To help me get into shape I did a lot of snow shoeing!! Here is Back Bay outside of my house, Check out the Norseman on the dock. still on floats lol

I got to sneak in a vist with my Sliver friend the Cup on one of my trips to Toronto.

Scotty got me tickets to watch the leafs lose to OV and we even got a game puck and a tour of the dressing room!!

Now this is a huge honour, Hay River but My sister, brother and myself on there $5 dollar coin!! PURE MONEY hahaha I LOVE HAY RIVER!!!!

My Buddy Serge and I went to watch the payoff game where the Sens beat the Rangers in overtime!! It was the most fun I ever had at a hockey game!!

AJ and I searching for long lost Airplanes (Season 4 stuff lol)

I Got to be the special guest at the Hamilton Airshow!! So awesome, I love the sponsored a racing team out of Ontario check out My buddy’s at

Another cool thing happen, LEGO asked us to be a part of their theme park LEGOLAND in Denmark. Here is a sneak shot of inside the “Buffalo Hangar” notice the doors hahaha. So very cool, you can see the whole thing on a upcoming episode of Ice Pilots.
Outside of the Hangar is where you will find the LEGO version of my Father and my self flying an Airplane. If you are in Denmark CHECK IT OUT!!

This is a truly amazing moment of my life. Im flying in the Lancaster (middle) and there is a B-25 on our left wing and the only fling B-29 on our right wing. Also there is a Mustang Fighter doing loops around us. We flew in this formation to Buffalo NY were I got to fly in the B-29. This was all publicly for the Hamilton Airshow. in the future ill write a blog post just about this and show you guys the awesome footage from my phone!A shot of me looking just behind the captain.

The Airshow was so fun. Cooper came with me for the show and here is a pic of us in front of the best airshow display i have ever seen!!! Check them out HERE

The GNWT asked me to go to Vancouver for Canada Day to help promote the North. He is a shot of Arctic Air’s Adam Beach and I before heading up on stage to talk to the crowd.

No its not Tom Cruise, more like Tommy Boy

Here is me getting strapped in for the ride of my life!!!!!

Here is me trying to figure out how to change the channel on the on board TV lol

Iron Maiden during Aces High (my fav song) we where in the Sound stage area.

Here is a cool shot I took of Bruce as I was heading back stage to grab a beer lol.

My Friend Kristy from Australia was touring Canada and came up to visit us in Yellowknife, so Kenny and I kidnapped her and brought her to the concert. Here is a shot of us outside our personal “Green Room at the Iron Maiden Concert.Here is me flashing our back stage passes and grabing one of our free beers lol. There was none left of course!!

Here is Bruce right after the show, we are in his van heading to the pub for a night cap.

Bruce and I sitting in the Cockpit of the DC-3 WZS on our way from Edmonton – Yellowknife.

My favourite pic of Emma Rae showing Bruce how to really scream!!

Maybe he will come back and try his hand on the 46???

At the Black Knight here in Yellowknife enjoying a Pint. Well Summer is now coming to an end and I now have to top last year some how… As you can see with the pictures I have lost a bunch of weight. My next blog post is going to tell you how I did it and what this next year holds for me (ITS GOING TO BE ALOT OF WORK 😉

Anyway!I hope you like this blog so far. On Monday I will introduce a friend of mine who is going to help me write on this blog.Cheers,


Best Movie of all Time

I was out boating last night with Kenny and Cory and the subject of “What is the Best Movie of all Time?” came up. Cory and I never missed a beat and said at the same time…


Of course Kenny being a little younger than us, has never heard of this fine gem. All I said was; Its Got Chuck Norris, The guy from Kung FU (aka Kill Bill), the guy from CHIPS, a DC-3, a Chopper, Machine Guns , Dodge Ram Charger with a Super Charger, Beer drinking and the best ever escape from being burried alive. He said “No Way!!”. I said, All this is just in 3 mintues in the middle of the film and I can prove it with YouTube hahaha… ENJOY!!

You are welcome! For more info on The Best Movie Ever, check out Lone Wolf McQuade

For you guys who need a reason to watch it again… Try the drinking game!!

Lone Wolf McQuade: The Drinking Game

Chuck Norris
drink when he pulls a gun on a co-worker
finish your drink when he shows up in a new fancy shirt

David Carradine
drink when the cigarillo enters or leaves the mouth

drink when he gazes lovingly at Chuck
finish your drink when someone leads him around

When the dwarf laughs, everyone drinks
Everyone drinks when villains fail to finish someone off
Everyone drinks for turquoise
Everyone finishes their drink for zombie pickup!
and, of course, drink along with anyone drinking on screen



The Expendables 2’s CL-215 and the Ice Pilots Connection

First off I loved the 1st Expendables movie. Seeing all the old boys give’r one more time is just an awesome formula for a flick. I know a lot of people didn’t like the 1st movie, I like to call those types of people LOSERS.

Hahaha just kidding 🙂

Anyway, I remember watching it and seeing that they used a very cool airplane called the “Albatross”.

When the movie was over I said to everyone that they needed a CL-215 “Duck” to step it up in the squeal, I never thought that I might be right.

On October 20th 2011 I get an email from a company called “METALENERGY ltd” Saying:

Dear Sirs,
We need to hire one Canadair CL-215 from 10 of November 2011 approximately for ten days.
Please offer us ferry flight to SOF and 15 hours flight time in Bulgaria.
Aircraft will be used in movie production and will operate around Sofia and Varna.
From SOF will made some flights around Sofia, 3-5 flights
then will fly to Varna.
From Varna will be made few flights including landing on water in Varna-Devnia channel.
from Varna back to ATH.
All Bulgarian permissions and taxes are my obligation. We will cover hotel, transfer and food for the crew.

Best regards

I asked right away if this was for Expendable 2. He couldn’t tell me any details, but in the back of my head I just knew it!! Of course Buffalo (AKA myself) jumped at the chance to be apart of a huge Hollywood movie. I asked my buddy Ken Brooker if these guys where legit and he confirmed they where the real deal. (Ken worked on some cool movies including one of my all time favorites “HOT ROD” and he also worked on one of the “Underworld” movies with the lady I have a huge crush for… Ms Kate Beckinsale!!) But here is where reality meets the real world. All of our CL-215’s that we owned where with us in Northern Canada. Bulgaria is a long ways away. just to get the airplane there would have cost $250,000 ONEWAY!!! So we at Buffalo where out of luck and so where they. After a bunch of emails and calls back and forth. I came up with the suggestion that they get a hold of our buddies in Turkey that bought our CL-215’s a couple of years back (or in Season 1 of Ice Pilots). I gave them all my Bombardier contacts, to make sure that they had all the help they can get to make this happen.

Time pasted and I kind of forgot about untill I heard that a Stuntman had died in Bulgaria filming the new Stallone movie. Right then it all kicked back in and I started searching in the internet for pics of the CL-215, I couldn’t find anything just yet. Then this spring I was in California for an Aerial Firefighting Conference and I just happen to run into my buddies from Turkey that bought our CL-215’s and the first thing out of my mouth was “Did you guys rent a Duck to any movie people?” He pulls out his camera and shows me the 1st pic.

I brrowed this pic from

There it was, after a year of guessing and hoping, I got a sneak peek! “What serial number is this one I asked hoping it was one of the 2 we sold them (FNF s/n 1027 or TXB s/n 1007). He didn’t know off-hand so I ran some tail numbers and found out that it wasn’t one that we sold them BUT it was one that we fixed up and did a “C” check for; S/N 1076!!

In September 2004, around the same time we bought our 1st 2 Ducks, a company in Italy called SoREM bought BXQ which is s/n 1076 and asked us to fly it to Yellowknife and do a “C” check on her and get it ready for it to fly across the pond to Italy ASAP. The funny thing is if you find our hangar on Google Earth you can see her on our front ramp (they need to update it hahaha)!!

We got the plane ready to go and another company hired the pilots and they flew her over to her new home. A few years back SoREm sold 1076 to Trukey along with the ones from us to built up thier fleet.

So as I sat down here in Yellowknife a watched Expendables 2 in our Movie theater, I couldn’t help but have the hugest smile on my face!! I played a very small role in this, but I felt a true connection to Hollywood, even if it was a split second.

So if anyone that is working on Expendable 3 is reading this, YOU HAVE TO GET OUR CURTISS C-46 COMMANDO!!!!!!!! Imagine Jason Statham popping out the nose of the old girl with a 50 cal!! EPIC! Or we can put the DC-4 on floats!! (Hey its hollywood anything is possible!!!)

Go watch the movie and enjoy!!!