Best Movie of all Time

I was out boating last night with Kenny and Cory and the subject of “What is the Best Movie of all Time?” came up. Cory and I never missed a beat and said at the same time…


Of course Kenny being a little younger than us, has never heard of this fine gem. All I said was; Its Got Chuck Norris, The guy from Kung FU (aka Kill Bill), the guy from CHIPS, a DC-3, a Chopper, Machine Guns , Dodge Ram Charger with a Super Charger, Beer drinking and the best ever escape from being burried alive. He said “No Way!!”. I said, All this is just in 3 mintues in the middle of the film and I can prove it with YouTube hahaha… ENJOY!!

You are welcome! For more info on The Best Movie Ever, check out Lone Wolf McQuade

For you guys who need a reason to watch it again… Try the drinking game!!

Lone Wolf McQuade: The Drinking Game

Chuck Norris
drink when he pulls a gun on a co-worker
finish your drink when he shows up in a new fancy shirt

David Carradine
drink when the cigarillo enters or leaves the mouth

drink when he gazes lovingly at Chuck
finish your drink when someone leads him around

When the dwarf laughs, everyone drinks
Everyone drinks when villains fail to finish someone off
Everyone drinks for turquoise
Everyone finishes their drink for zombie pickup!
and, of course, drink along with anyone drinking on screen