Ronning Vs Roy

Here is a teaser clip for the upcoming Documentary called
Pixelated Heroes. We are traveling all over the word to find out why a 22 year old, obsolete video game still has a cult following today. We are doing a travel documentary about NHL ’94.

During our journey we stopped at Base Hockey in Burnaby BC. We sat down with NHL Legend Cliff Ronning to discuss his connection with the classic video game and also an insight into what it was like playing on the real ice in the 1990’s. We can’t give you the gold yet but here is a short clip about the Ronning vs Roy revelry!

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2 thoughts on “Ronning Vs Roy

  1. Hey are you gonna be interviewing people who still play the game regularly? I was the former NHL 94 world record holder and I could talk for hours about the game/memories. My 17 copies of the game, etc. So if you need filler let me know.

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