Pixelated Production Video Blog #1

Hey Folks its now only two days away from the NHL ’94 Super Nintendo Tournament. Yesterday Kaetyn and I drove all around Calgary visiting Pawn Shops and Game stores looking for copies of NHL ’94 on SNES. We could not find a single one! Luckily I had one in Hay River I brought down after the holidays. We then drove to the Buffalo Airways Hangar in Red Deer where I have all my College Years belongings in storage. Luckily we found another SNES System and now rare copy of ’94! So now we have two systems, two games and 3 working controllers. One controller is sticking so i’m going to try and fix it. We found a trophy place here in YYC that could rush us a kick ass custom trophy, can’t wait to show everyone!. We also made a Video Blog last night and where testing out ways to video game play and reaction shots at the same time. Here is what we cam up with… Enjoy!

Cheers and Fly Safe,




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