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Welcome folks to the 1st Production Blog post for my Documentary Project tiled…

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 10.53.26 PM

Well here is me writing and already spellcheck has fixed three words… Thanks spellcheck!
So what the heck is this documentary going to be about? Well its going to focus on one of the best video games ever made!

Drum roll please!


Yes an old video game that came out over 20 years ago on a system that collects dust in peoples attics (I guess not to many people have attics these days but hey I like the expression).

If you know this game then I don’t have to explain why it is important to me and thousands of big kids my age. But for everyone else… its just awesome! So thats what I want to capture on film. I have been playing this game sense it came out and i’m not alone, there is a huge mass following to this game. I have been studying this topic seriously for over a year. Now that my TV show Ice Pilots has wrapped its 6th and final season I wanted to take some time and focus on this project. Spending the last 6 years of my life almost everyday with documentary crews has gave me the film bug. Now its time to see if I can make this happen!

Here is a teaser we shot some test footage, CHECK IT OUT!

I’m going to dig into the past/present/future of this game (Total “A Christmas Carol”rip off) . This is going to take me coast to coast and possibly a trip to Hawaii. I super excited and with help from the online community over at we are doing a live tournament in Saskatoon January 10th. So far we have 11 of not just normal dudes but some of the best ’94 players in the world coming. One guy is even flying in from California! This event will be the first full day of filming on this project. I’m a little nervous, not only to start filming but i’ll also be competing! I don’t mean to brag but i’m pretty good at this game after playing it for 20 years BUT these guys are pros and ill be happy just to win a single game!! Here is the artwork I made up for the event.

NHL '94 Tournament

I’ll write more about this event as it gets near. For now I just want to take time to thank some folks that really have helped me get to this point.

1st off a big shout out to my good buddy Kaetyn St.Hilaire. He has pushed me to get this moving and has been there non-stop to help me out. He made the Pixelated Heroes Website, helped me with graphics and testing my game play (he has even beaten me in ONE game, the first time a lost in over ten years!). But mostly keeping me motivated and coming to Saskatoon to film and play in the event.

Next I want to thanks “Halifax” from the NHL ’94 online community, he is the guy making this whole tournament happen and is huge supporter of this film project and I can’t wait to interview him and talk more about the future of this game.

Also from the online community is a mysterious master of the game that goes by the online handle CLOCKWISE! He has gave me a lot of insight into the programming of the game and the people that made it. He is also going to be apart of helping me make high end graphics for the production of the film.
Also a shootout to KingRaph who is the world record holder most goals in a game of NHL ’94. This is even certified from the official Genesis Book of World Record official scoreboard Twin Galaxies! Raph has been helping out with my research into the game and hopefully i’ll get to interview him as well!

A big thanks to my buddy and Film Maker Jereme Watt for pushing me about a year ago to really focus and give me the confidence to go ahead and start working on this as a goal.

Last but not least a big high five going to Erin McGechaen! She helped me with the promotional writing and scripts! Also she is always there to help me with my many troubles with the english language!

Well folks thanks for reading and i’ll be updating this as much as I can so subscribe! Also if you have any ideas or anything you would like to help out or participate in this project please drop me an email at!

Cheers and Fly Safe!


One thought on “My Documentary Production Blog

  1. Mikey, your dedication to this project has been awesome and I (and the entire community) are rooting for you to succeed!

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